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April 27, 2016
Using the right locks for your door
May 10, 2016

Home Security and Preventing Break-ins

One of the most common crimes in the Brisbane southside area are break-and-enters.  Although these can sometimes be opportunistic, with offenders gaining entry through unsecured windows or doors, many are forced entries through doors with inadequate locking hardware. To properly secure your home it is important to make it as hard as possible for an offender to force entry into your home. BLA locksmiths has trade qualified Locksmiths in and around Brisbane southside that can attend your home or office and provide advice and ways of securing your home free of charge. Contact your local Brisbane locksmiths today to organise a time.

While we can make it difficult for thieves to gain access to your property, unfortunately  it is impossible to prevent the more determined offender from gaining access. However there are several things one can do to prevent a thief from exing your property with your valuables.  In a domestic setting, internally keyed locks or deadlocks can prevent someone exiting through the front door with your belongings forcing them to leave the premises through the broken or shattered glass window that came through making it almost impossible to take anything of value with them.

Your locking hardware should make it harder for someone to get in without a key, and leave without a key. As brisbane’s most centrally located locksmith and security team BLA locksmiths can give you specialised advice on securing your home.

Here are some basic tips and hardware suggestions to make forced entries as difficult as possible.

  1. Dead bolts and knobsets should be fitted at a minimum to all doors
  2. Fit and use deadlocking window locks on accessible widows.
  3. Security doors are often underestimated but provide good secondary security.
  4. Patio bolts are an effective and cheap way of securing sliding doors
  5. Key lock your doors where possible from the inside
  6. Ensure all your locks meet current standards and are dead-locking.

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