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Locks Brisbane


Residential (For the home)

At BLA we take pride in protecting your home and loved ones. Everyone uses their homes in different ways so a one size fits all approach won't work when it comes to securing your premises. Striking a balance between user friendliness, insurance requirements and security is not always easy, which is why when you call BLA Locksmiths you will speak directly to an experienced, trade qualified Locksmith.

Our Locksmith will listen to your concerns, take into account your budget and lifestyle to recommend the most cost effective solution tailored to your needs.

Commercial (For your business)

A commercial setting means your door hardware is subject to high traffic and heavy use. To keep your livelihood and that of your employees safe and secure, your business needs reliable, user friendly security. Fire and emergency exit regulations, health and safety and even food safety laws can make the decision making process complicated. Expert advice is needed to ensure your building's infrastructure not only satisfies building codes but allows your staff and clients to move smoothly through the building all while maintaining a high level of security.


Padlocks are a versatile and simple locking solution which can be applied quickly in a variety of situations.

Ranging from small travel appropriate to industrial grade security, padlocks are available in a large range of sizes and security features.

When choosing the right padlock for your application you should consider several things such as Size, Shackle type, environment in which it's being used and budget. At a minimum your padlock should have a hardened steel, boron or molybdenum alloy shackle and depending on the application a brass, hardened steel or stainless steel body.

Don't be fooled by cheap and nasty padlocks, while they may look similar to the real deal and be cost effective in the short term, it's best to take into consideration how valuable or important the items you are securing really are. A good quality padlock will be resistant to all sorts of physical attacks such as hammers, axes, portable grinders and bolt cutters. Remember your valuables and property are only as secure as the locks and hardware protecting them.

Speak to your local brisbane locksmith and security team at BLA today to get the right padlocks and locking equipment to keep your valuables safe and sound.

Special applications:
  • Marine Grade
  • High security
  • Truck Hydraulics
  • Safety Lock Out
  • Large scale master-keying