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January 24, 2016
Home Security and Preventing Break-ins
May 4, 2016

Home Security and Social Media

Whether it’s uploading that sunset selfie or checking in at the airport on your way to an exotic destination it’s no secret that our addiction to letting everyone online know exactly what we are doing or where we are holidaying is a growing trend. With so many avenues to connect and share these incredible experiences with our family and friends there’s one connection that doesn’t always spring to mind. The link between what we post on social media and the well timed break and enters that are on the rise across Brisbane is something that everyone should take into account before tweeting about the weather in Bali or posting that cocktail by the beach photo on Instagram.

It’s becoming obvious that the break and enters across brisbane are starting to show some pretty clear links to what people are posting on social media. Everytime you post a picture of yourself out of the house or away on holidays its gigantic advertisement telling everyone that you’re away and your home is unattended. With a rising number of break ins occurring while people are away in holidays it doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to stop posting our adventures online. With a huge array of security systems, surveillance and reliable locks on the market, keeping your home secure while you are off enjoying life has actually never been easier. BLA locksmiths can deign, supply and install the latest alarm systems that allow you to not only monitor alarms from your smart phone but turn lights on and off, take photos remotely of your home and even grant access remotely from any apple or android smartphone. If tech style gadgets aren’t your thing you don’t need a futuristic security system to keep out intruders. Our brisbane based locksmith team can help properly secure all your doors and windows with mechanical locks, supply and fit security doors and windows to keep your home secure while you’re out and about.

So next time you find yourself about to post that status or photo that’s going to be the envy of all our friends, be sure to call the team at BLA locksmiths first and get your home properly protected. The professional security team at BLA locksmiths has been ensuring that Brisbane residents return home to find their homes intact and just as they left them for over 10 years. Don’t let your holiday end in disaster, Call our security team today!



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