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Commercial Locksmiths Brisbane

No job is too big for BLA Locksmiths. We are regularly working on a wide-range of commercial locksmith jobs around Brisbane.

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Do you feel confident about the security of your office, workspace or warehouse?

It’s normal to worry about the expensive equipment and sensitive documents that you store at your place of work. When you consider the data and sensitive information you store, these business assets are often worth much more than just “replacement value.”

When you lock up at the end of the workday do you feel that your assets are safe? It’s completely normal to worry about theft, but you don’t have to live in fear! It’s time to make a change and see what our commercial locksmiths in Brisbane can do for you.

Our Services

BLA Locksmiths sell some of the best security products on the market that will have you feeling at ease, knowing that your assets are safe.

  • Restricted Key Systems: Keep restricted areas off limits to thieves. These locks are more difficult to pick and can be customised to suit your needs. Do you have restricted areas where that you need to keep off limits to unauthorised employees? We can install key systems that help you control access and delegate. We also sell master key systems  that are designed to be difficult to replicate without the proper authority to do so.
  • Safes: We sell and install safes of all sizes. A commercial safe is not only a great security measure, but it can also help protect important items and documents against water damage and fire. In an office a safe is a great investment when you consider the value of your sensitive documents, corporate records and blank cheques.
  • Key Cutting: We cut high-quality keys for doors, windows, cars and much more. If you lost your key or simply need a spare, please give us a call.
  • Rekey or Install Locks: Has someone broken into your business premises? Do you have any ex-employees that haven’t returned their keys? You should consider rekeying your doors immediately! The peace of mind is worth the effort alone, but it could prevent the worst. Also if you need a little extra security, you might want to consider all new locks or a restricted key system.
  • Access Control and Digital Locks: We sell advanced access control systems, which can be used for more than just security! Create a record of anyone who enters and exits the building and when they do so.

We also offer an emergency service, so that you can get help 24/7, whenever you need it.

BLA Locksmiths Benefits

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What our Customers Say

  • Rang around to get a quote and BLA were the most affordable and extremely flexible on service times. The serviceman was efficient and polite. Excellent service at an excellent price.

    Amy Brown
    East Brisbane
  • We had our new house locks done by the team. They quoted within our budget and delivered without any fuss. Couldn't be happier with the final touches on our new home!

    Ruby Beeston

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