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Spring Hill Locksmiths

pring Hill is an inner suburb of Brisbane. Parts of Spring Hill can be considered to be extensions of the Brisbane CBD. Spring hill residents and businesses have the convenience of being within a stone’s throw from the central Brisbane city.

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Recent statistics from the QLD Police have shown that crime rates have risen since 2011 with a majority of crimes being related to theft. This is a serious issue and should be dealt with and It all starts with you, the consumer! Don’t make it easy for the modern day criminal and update your security with BLA Locksmiths. If you live in the central Brisbane spring hill area and own a home or business, call us today for an onsite visit to your door. Our professional staff are more than happy to come and talk to you. Don’t wait until “The Spring Hill has been sprung” BLA Locksmiths are working with Brisbane residents and business owners to provide the best security that Brisbane has to offer. Call us today!

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  • Rang around to get a quote and BLA were the most affordable and extremely flexible on service times. The serviceman was efficient and polite. Excellent service at an excellent price.

    Amy Brown
    East Brisbane
  • We had our new house locks done by the team. They quoted within our budget and delivered without any fuss. Couldn't be happier with the final touches on our new home!

    Ruby Beeston

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